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AlkebulanCoin is an ERC223 Token

Token Details

Token UsesEthereum

Token StandardERC223

Token NameAlkebulanCoin

Token SumbolAKB

Total Token Supply1,000,000,000,000 AKB

Private Sale20,000,000,000 AKB

Public Sales370,000,000,000 AKB

Percentage Locked/Reserve500,000,000,000 AKB

Bounty Campaign10,000,000,000 AKB

Team Tokens/Development100,000,000,000 AKB


Airdrop will be sent to participants’ wallets’ after the token is listed on at least one exchange

AlkebulanCoin Distribution

  • 10% Developer Team
  • 50% Locked in Reserve
  • 1% Bounty Program
  • 37% Market Supply/Public Sale
  • 2% Private Sales

Alkebulancoin Smart Contract

AlkebulanCoin is an ERC223 Token. Basically, ERC223 is a superset of ERC20 containing all of its same functionality. ERC223 is backward compatible with ERC20, thus, any platform working with ERC20 will also work with ERC223.

About Alkebulan Project

The Alkebulan project will Solve the problem of fiat currency devaluation in Africa using blockchain technology 2. Build a Reward Social Media Platform (Alkebulan App) 3. Build a Crypto bank for all (Alkebulan Bank) 4. Integrate NFTS in our Mobile Apps 5. Integrate Defi. 6. Build a Crypto Exchange (Alkebulan Exchange) 7. Build the first Online Blockchain University in Africa


  1. Alkebulan App

    One Africa Social Media
    on Google play & Appstore

  2. Airdrop

    We are Airdropping
    10 Billion AlkebulanCoins 1% of the total Supply

  3. Listed on Exchange

    Currently Listed on
    Ether Delta, Fork Delta, BitCratic

  4. Partnership Announcement

    Partnerhsip with Blockchain projects that share common ideas with us.

  5. Integration

    Integration of AlkebulanCoin with Alkebulan App

  6. Network Expansion

    NFTS and Defi integration

  7. Development

    Alkebulan Wallet

  8. Banking

    Alkebulan Crypto Exchange

  9. Payment Service

    Integration With Local currencies

  10. Open Source

    The open-source model is a decentralized software-development model that encourages open collaboration

  11. Sign-Up Opens

    Integrate with more blockchain protocols
    Release first version of Alkebulan Exchange

  12. API gateway

    Build on Alkebulan Platform

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