AlkebulanCoin: The Cryptocurrency of Africa


AlkebulanCoin: is a peer-to-peer, secure mode of payment built on top of the blockchain technology just like Bitcoin with the sole aim to tokenize the African Economy (Black Economy).


1. Solve the problem of fiat currency devaluation in Africa using blockchain technology
2. Build a Reward Social Media Platform (Alkebulan App)
3. Build a Crypto bank for all (Alkebulan Bank)
4. Integrate NFTS in our Mobile Apps
5. Integrate Defi.
6. Build a Crypto Exchange (Alkebulan Exchange)
7. Build the first Online Blockchain University in Africa
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Why Alkebulan?
The goal is to solve the problem of fiat currency devaluation in Africa, Build a One Africa Social Media platform, and a next-generation cryptocurrency Bank for all. AlkebulanCoin is the coin of the people, for the people, and by the people.
Why Africa?
About 57% of Africa’s population, or about 95 million, do not have traditional bank accounts. Due to the limited financial opportunities to serve citizens, this large number of people without bank accounts is undoubtedly causing problems.
Why now?
AlkebulanCoin technology is decentralization, immutability, security, and transparency. AlkebulanCoin allows for verification without having to be dependent on third parties like banks and central banks.
AlkebulanCoin for Entrepreneurs & Small business Owners
It gives entrepreneurs advertising rights along with purchasing power.
It eliminates a cost from a business while allowing multiple industries to interact with each other using the power of blockchain technology.

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